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NLMK DanSteel delivers its products to customers in various ways. Since NLMK DanSteel has its own harbor, 65% of its products are transported directly to its customers.

Sea transport

NLMK DanSteel deliveries majority of its products to the customers using own harbour. The stevedore company, A. Henriksen Shipping A/S, is in charge of loading and unloading of ships and also agent to all arriving ships.

The location of our harbour in Roskilde Fjord sets limits on size and draught of the ships. The harbour's draught is maximum 5.5 - 6.0 metres. With regard to safe navigation in the harbour, ships cannot extend 130 metres.

The port of NLMK DanSteel is naturally covered by the requirements of The International Maritime Organization (IMO), ISPS (The international ship and port facility security code) and SOLAS chapter XI-2. NLMK DanSteel closely work with the Danish Police, conducted two analysis of vulnerability and a safety plan. Thereafter The Danish Transport and Construction Agency has approved our measures and we are now an approved port with following data at IMO homepage.

Name of port: Frederiksvaerk
UN Locator: DKFDV-0001
Port facility name: Staalvaerkshavnen
Point of contact: PFSO Martin Dan Jensen
Shipping Manager Phone: +45 4778 2485
Mobile phone: +45 2324 5179

Railroad transport

NLMK DanSteel has its own railway in direct link to public railway. 2 times per week, Tuesday and Thursday evening, we have delivery of empty wagons and departure of loaded wagons.

Road transport

Approximately 25 % of our plate production is transported to customers by road.

Plates from production are transported to our modern storage halls. In the storage halls plates are sorted and stacked. We use mostly magnet cranes for loading of trucks, wagons, and internal transport units.

Plates, which are to be transported by ships, are loaded on internal units and sorted in slings up to 10 tons. Then they are transported to our harbour. The average loading capacity of our port crane is approximately 150 tonnes per hour. Extra wide claws are used for loading to avoid edge damage.

In order to ensure the highest quality of our products, all processes at NLMK DanSteel, including handling, transportation and loading of steel plates, are performed in strict compliance with written regulations for each process.

Gatekeepers are also a part of the Logistics department, where they are entrusted with normal gate- and security tasks. The Gatekeepers also operate the weighbridge.

All lorries, which transport plates to our customers, are weighted on our certified weighbridge.