Quality system

In a fast changing world with fierce competition, niche products and competitive costs are not sufficient. The keys to success lie in creating learning organizations where the culture of continuous improvement and service excellence permeate all parts of the company.

NLMK Europe has been developing such a continuous improvement culture in all of its production sites. Starting from strategic directions known by everyone in the organization, development plans are established that incorporate the key initiatives and ideas of improvement.

Tools such as 5S, TPM, and 6SIGMA have been implemented and are being expanded at different production and distribution sites. Benchmarks and technical exchanges are organized on a regular basis, within the Group and between the different European companies, as well as between NLMK Europe and the headquarter of NLMK Group (Russia). The Strasbourg site has twice scooped up prestigious JIPM awards: the "Continuity“ award and the "Excellence" award for TPM.