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Quality system

NLMK DanSteel A/S operates according to ISO 9001:2015, which besides the technical process also includes:

Supervision of the system’s effectiveness in relation to objectives through internal audits and management’s assessment. Involvement of the employees in current quality improvements.

Use of suppliers and collaborators, who meet NLMK DanSteel A/S’ criteria of approval.

NLMK DanSteel A/S’ quality management system is certified by DNV-GL according to ISO 9001:2015.

NLMK DanSteel A/S has a system and an organization, which enables NLMK DanSteel A/S to procure an effective solution of possible problems. In other words, NLMK DanSteel A/S maintains a high level of quality, an improved delivery quality, and lower costs.

The quality control is secured through an effective correlation between product standards, process specifications, and procedures thus meeting the customer’s expectations of the product properties and time of delivery. Continuous measuring, reporting, and control of the quality level secure quick and effective intervention in case of deviations.