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NLMK Europe Plate

NLMK Europe Plate, a part of NLMK Europe, manufactures a large spectrum of heavy plates and ingots. It has production capacity of 1.75 million tonnes of steel per year. Its steel portfolio includes high value-added products like quenched & tempered steels, tool steels or off-shore grades.

NLMK Europe Plate division includes the following production facilities: NLMK Clabecq (Belgium), NLMK DanSteel (Denmark) and NLMK Verona (Italy). The high level of synergy between those three plants has resulted in offering a broad dimensional range of steels, from very narrow to very wide. NLMK Europe Plate also offers a range of extra services.

Heavy plates (rolled and forged)

  • Structural steels
  • Shipbuilding steels
  • Off-Shore steels
  • Boiler and pressure vessel steels
  • Line pipe steels
  • High Carbon steels
  • High Strength steels
  • Tool Steels

Ingots and forged blocks

  • Square bars
  • Forged ingots

NLMK Europe Plate offers a wide range of dimensions, deliverable as hot rolled plates, forged plates or forged bars.

It also offers an extensive pool of heat treatment including rolling, normalizing, annealing, thermo-mechanically controlled rolling, quenching and tempering, hardening and tempering. Other treatments include also: shotblasting, priming, bevelling, bending, figure cutting.

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