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Personnel development

Personnel development
As part of its Human Resources policy, NLMK Europe attaches great importance at attracting and hiring strong personalities and excellent professionals. Motivating and developing the competences as well as promoting the right persons is perceived as a key company responsibility. Because our employees are NLMK’s primary asset, each year the Company implements ambitious plans for training and skills development, combined with a policy of regular and transparent internal communication.
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Continuous improvement

NLMK Europe is a learning-oriented organization where a culture of continuous improvement and service excellence permeate all areas of the company. NLMK Europe has been developing this continuous improvement culture across all its production sites. Based on the strategic objectives known by every employee within the organization, the Company has established development plans to incorporate important initiatives and ideas of improvement.

NLMK Europe has introduced such tools as 5S, TPM, and 6SIGMA, which are now scaled across various production and distribution sites. Benchmarks are established and technical exchanges are organized on a regular basis, between the different European companies as well as between NLMK Europe and NLMK Group. The NLMK Strasbourg site has twice received prestigious JIPM awards: the ‘Continuity’ award and the ‘Excellence’ award for TPM.

The continuous improvement approach extends to our most valued resource – our employees. Every year the company rolls out ambitious training and skills development plans, combined with regular and transparent internal communication. Thanks to the contribution of our teams, NLMK Europe is expanding its range of progressive products and services, adapted to the needs of its customers. The sales, planning, quality and logistics teams work as one to support the current and future needs of our customers.