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Our employees

NLMK Manage Service Center

Erdal Aydin Erdal Aydin
Head of Procrurement

I have learned a lot from my colleagues, as I have risen from fitter-welder to a management position.

NLMK Strasbourg

All Employees

Kadir Altun Kadir Altun
Control Station Machine Operator Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line

There is a very warm atmosphere among my collegues, regardless of the difference in age and nationality.

Jean-Luc Muller Jean-Luc Muller
Operational Manager Procurement

I wish to improve current practices on the various sites and enjoy developing this area of his work.

Serge Reichert Serge Reichert
Line supervisor

At NLMK Strasbourg I am able to pass all my knowledge and know-hows to the team I manage.