Grigory Fedorishin

President of NLMK Group

NLMK transforms ideas and resources into steel products. We source ideas from our employees, customers and business partners. We are striving to control our resources, taking a safe and responsible approach to their recycling and re-use. We produce clean and durable steel, which is used in thousands of applications that improve our everyday lives.


Taking into account capital expenditure in 2014, NLMK’s Strategy 2017 includes a total $1 billion of investment in development, targeting additional gains of $1 billion each year.

Ben De Vos

CEO NLMK International

NLMK Europe will be developing the strategic and industrial development plans for its European Units as part of the development of group Strategy 2022. In the very short term, it will continue the improvement plans with a strong focus on technical enhancements on all sites.

To reach these goal we have set the following objectives:

  • improving in a measurable way our safety and environmental performance
  • increasing sales of high added value products
  • being a trusted supplier for our strategic markets, exceeding customers’ expectations
  • improving operational efficiency
  • reinforcing the culture to gain in competence and in excellence