NLMK Europe Plate products

Heavy Plates

The core activity of NLMK Europe Plate is the production of heavy plates. From more general grades to very specific high added value steels, you can find a wide selection of steels. Among them, QUARD, abrasion resistant steel, and QUEND high yield strength steel (see also QT.NLMK.COM for more details about these 2 steels), as well as tool steels, offshore steels, and all the common grades you can find on the market.

  • Structural steel

    Thanks to the diversity of its 3 rolling mills, NLMK Europe Plate offers one of the largest ranges of thickness in structural steels due for the following sectors: earthmoving, mining and quarrying machinery, mechanical construction, structural steelwork, oil & gas storage tanks, wind energy. Also available: laser cutting steels, steels with improved resistance to atmospheric corrosion and floor plates.

  • Shipbuilding Steels

    NLMK Europe Plate is a historical supplier of plates for the shipbuilding industry. It produces them in accordance with relevant national and international standards (Lloyd’s Register, American Bureau of Shipping, Bureau Veritas, DNV GL, RINA, Russian Maritime Register of Shipping, ASTM A 131, etc. ).

  • Off-shore Steels

    Offshore steels are used in the harsh environments around the world such as the North Sea and the Gulf of Mexico. They are specifically developed to use low level alloy additions in order to give superior properties, reducing the carbon content and CEV. The product is always in constant evolution.

  • Boiler & Pressure vessel steels

    Our carbon and alloy steels enable manufacturers to produce large high-pressure vessels. Our range varies from medium plates of small thickness, produced by NLMK Clabecq or NLMK DanSteel A/S, to very thick bars forged by NLMK Verona. They meet the requirements of a variety of relevant national and international standards.

  • Line Pipe steels

    NLMK Plate Europe proposes premium line pipe steel for sweet or sour service applications. The plates are thermomechanically rolled for enhanced mechanical properties. They are suitable for onshore pipelines, deepwater environment, fittings.

  • High-carbon Steels

    Our high carbon steels are characterized by their higher hardness level, and good machinability.

  • High Strength Steels

    These fine-grain steel grades with high strength are characterized by their good weldability and high resistance to brittle cracking. They offer excellent cold-forming properties and are often used for special applications at low temperatures (-20°C and below).

  • QUARD ® is a martensitic abrasion resistant steel. Its very high resistance to abrasive wear and impact makes it ideal where long service life is required. Download the datasheet or visit the specific website: QT.NLMK.COM!

  • QUEND ®

    QUEND ® is extra high strength structural steel produced as quenched and tempered. It helps the manufacturers of lifting equipment with lighter steel that can withstand high yield strength. strength. Download the datasheet or visit the specific website: QT.NLMK.COM!

  • Tool Steels

    Our tool steels and engineerings combine toughness with conditioning, shaping and cutting. Made of the right balance in alloys, our tool steels support high temperature without deformation.


NLMK Europe manufactures a wide range of ingots for forging for the following markets:

  • Oil & gas: flanges, valve bodies, valve balls, shells, B.O.P., spool body, pipes etc.
  • Wind power generation : flanges, shafts, gear wheels, pinions, etc.

  • Square bars

    Large range of ingots for forging for the following markets: Oil & gas : flanges, valve bodies, valve balls, shells, B.O.P., spool body, pipes and wind power generation. Available in following categories: Case hardening steel, Heat treatable steel, Creep resistance steel, Martensitic stainless steel, Ball and roller bearing steel, Tool steel, Micro alloy steel, Nitriding steel, Tought at subzero steel, Pressure Vessel steel

  • Forged rounds