• Responsible Leadership

    Responsible Leadership is at the heart of NLMK Group’s values. We are a team of professionals sharing these values and using them as guidelines for what we do.

We understand the concept of responsible leadership as:

  • OUR COMMITMENT: Health. Safety. Environment

    OUR COMMITMENT: Health. Safety. Environment


    We are engaged individually and collectively in the long term with all the stakeholders in our business. We put the safety of our employees, visitors and contractors at the center of our values. We are aware of our industrial activity and work to minimize our footprint on the environment.

  • OUR EXCELLENCE: Quality. Service

    OUR EXCELLENCE: Quality. Service


    We make excellence a value that is reflected in all areas: the quality of our products, the service, the continuous improvement, the performance of our employees ... Excellence drives our staff to surpass himself on a daily basis by proposing actions of progress and innovation bolstering NLMK Europe’s reputation. Our teams strive to meet the needs of our clients.

  • OUR INTEGRITY: Equality. Transparency

    OUR INTEGRITY: Equality. Transparency


    As workers of an international group, we ensure that exchanges with our partners (customers, shareholders, suppliers ...) are carried out with integrity and honesty in the utmost transparency by excluding all fraudulent practices. We strive to work in equity regardless of nationality, religion, sexual orientation, age, disability or political opinion.

  • OUR TEAM SPIRIT: One goal

    OUR TEAM SPIRIT: One goal


    Working as a team means focusing on a common goal: the success of NLMK Europe and its stakeholders. Everyone has a role to play in ensuring the success of the organization. We encourage teamwork through a participatory organization for all and privileged relationships with all our partners.




    Innovation drives growth and performance.Our companies meet the future needs of our customers by developing our range of products and services whilst optimizing costs. They all work together to exploit all available resources to win new markets and seize business opportunities. The keys to success lie in the creation of a learning organization where the culture of improvement is at the heart of our process.

We are the people who work in all the enterprises of NLMK International Group

  • Alessandra Gitto

    Commercial Sales Department, Tool Steels

    NLMK Verona

    Work for NLMK is very dynamic, everyday can bring the unexpected, but I am certain that we have ability to meet any challenge that comes our way.
  • Erdal Aydin

    Head of Procurement

    NLMK Manage Service Center

    I have learned a lot from my colleagues, as I have risen from fitter-welder to a management position.
  • Kadir Altun

    Control Station Machine Operator Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line

    NLMK Strasbourg

    There is a very warm atmosphere among my collegues, regardless of the difference in age and nationality.

  • Girolamo di Piazza

    Head Machinist Overhead Levelling Crane

    NLMK La Louvière

    Two of my sons work for NLMK La Louviere. One son works in the rolling shop, the other in the steel processing shop. I sincerely hope that the plant continues to operate for many years, even after I retire, and that it has a bright future ahead of it.

  • Didier Bricmont

    Head of Quality Service

    NLMK Clabecq

    I am very lucky, I have outstanding staff with whom I have a wonderful relationship.

  • Lars Meldgaard Nielsen

    Shot Blasting, Priming Foreman

    NLMK DanSteel

    It is great to have people that share their experience with you and help you develop in your profession.