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NLMK La Louvière

Located in Belgium NLMK La Louvière focuses on the production of hot- and cold-rolled coils for automotive industry, general construction, and pressure vessels manufacturers. Its production capacity is 1,681,000 tonnes of hot-rolled steel, 1,280,000 tonnes of pickled steel.

NLMK La Louvière is continuously expanding its range of products and steel grades of cold forming & deep drawing, structural and pipe steels, quenchable boron & high carbon steels, dual phase, ferro-bainitic steels and other advanced steel grades.

Certified with ISO TS 16 949 (2009 version) and ISO 9001 (2008 version)

NLMK La Louvière’s development programme consists of investments in equipment combined with the fostering of a learning-oriented organization. The company listens to its customers and implements ongoing improvement plans at all levels of the business.

The commissioning of a second walking-beam slab-reheating furnace has helped increase production and improve surface quality. Meanwhile, the commissioning of a second pickling line and a second cold unit supports the galvanizing and electro-galvanizing plants at NLMK Strasbourg, as well as an expanding range of direct automotive customers. The company has continued to improve the quality of its products and the flexibility of its organization whilst maintaining competitive costs.

NLMK La Louvière S.A.
Rue des Rivaux 2
7100 La Louvière. Belgium
Phone: + 32 64 27 27 11
Fax: + 32 64 27 28 48