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NLMK Europe Strip

NLMK Europe Strip, a part of NLMK Europe, manufactures uncoated and coated steels. Its production capacity is 2 million tonnes of hot-rolled steel, 1.5 million tonnes of pickled steel, 0.6 million tonnes of cold-rolled steel and 0.7 million tonnes of galvanized steel per year.

NLMK Europe Strip’s facilities located in La Louviere (Belgium) and Strasbourg (France) offer hot-rolled, cold-rolled, galvanized and pre-painted steels for automotive industry, building and construction, general industry, metallic furniture manufacturers among others.

Uncoated steels

Coated steels

Steel Service Centre

  • Hot-rolled steels
  • Galvanized steels
  • Pre-painted steels
  • Decoiling lines
  • Slitting line

The sites also offer oiling, decoiling and slitting as additional process.

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