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Production process

NLMK Verona specializes in the production of forged blocks from plastic moulds and is now one of the largest producers on the market. The approach of NLMK Verona is focused on the production and delivery of high-quality steel within a thickness range from 15 mm up to 1200 mm.

NLMK Verona is equipped with an electric furnace and an innovative line of continuous casting for thicknesses up to 700 mm, which makes it unique in its kind in the world. Thanks to its recent investments, including a quenching and tempering unit unlike any other of its kind, it has been able to extend its range of products in a short period.

Manufacturing processes follow high quality standards. Tests are continuously performed to control the internal health of the steel as well as the quality of its surface. They enable checking the mechanical characteristics and the technical behaviour of the products. The final tests in laboratory shall ensure the correspondence of the requirements to the chemical-analytical and physical-mechanical properties.

NLMK Verona’s focus on production of niche products reinforces the strategy of NLMK Group to strengthen its position on European level.

NLMK Verona production process