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30 May
First forge at Forges de Clabecq

First forge at Clabecq (authorized by the Queen Maria Theresa of Hungary and Bohemia)

14 May
Clabecq was saved from the bankrupcy

As the forge had financial problems, Edouard Goffin decided to take it over to avoid the bankruptcy.

15 May
Creation of the 'Usines Gustave Boël, currently NLMK La Louvière

12 May
Foundation of ‘Forges de Strasbourg’

15 May
The mill ‘Gustave Boël’ invests in a blast furnace

The Belgian mill, in search of an integrated production, makes a big investment in a blast furnace.

14 May
Foundation of ‘Det Danske Stålvalseværk’

10 May
Forges de Strasbourg change its name into ‘Laminoirs de Strasbourg’

15 May
Clabecq faces oil crisis

High increase of raw materials due the oil crisis and steel demand decline at Clabecq.

14 May
Usinor acquired ‘Laminoirs de Strasbourg’

16 November
Strikes at Clabecq

The first of numerous strikes started in November.

15 December
'Forges de Clabecq' is declared bankrupt

07 May
Big changes in the Belgian steel industry

The Italo-Swiss trader Duferco acquired some of Clabecq’s assets. La Louviere was merged by the Dutch group Hoogovens and then placed under legal composition.

13 May
The production resumes at Clabecq under the name 'Duferco Clabecq'

12 May
Duferco group acquires La Louviere

Duferco took over the company and changed its name to 'Duferco La Louvière'.

15 May
Duferco acquired 2 French mills

Acquisition by Duferco of 2 French mills (in Beautor and in Sorral) to win market share in the automotive industry.

01 May
NLMK International acquires a part of ‘Det Danske Stålvalseværk’

NLMK International BV acquired a part of the Danish company’s assets and founded DanSteel A/S.

20 May
Favourable year for acquisitions

Foundation of Acciaierie Grigoli S.p.a. The new Veronese plant produced thick plates of high quality. The production capacity could exceed 300 thousands tonnes a year. The company, based in Vallese di Oppeano, is born after the sale of some assets of ‘Valsider the Leman’ (Switzerland) to the Grigoli family.
Duferco acquired ‘Laminoirs de Strasbourg’.

16 May
Duferco takes over ‘Acciaierie Grigoli S.p.a’

The trading company gives a new name to the Veronese mill: ‘Verona Steel’.

09 October
NLMK and Duferco Group set up a joint venture taking the name ‘SIF’

NLMK acquires a stake in some of Duferco’s European production assets, including one steelmaking facility, five rolling mills and a network of steel service centres, both in Europe and in the USA. The JV’s total output of finished products is estimated at 4.5 million tonnes.

15 May
New reheating furnace at La Louviere

15 May
SIF invests in new lines in its Belgian facilities

The joint venture launches the Q&T operations at Clabecq and the new pickling and cold-rolling lines at La Louvière.

10 May
NLMK acquires all the shares of SIF held by Duferco

NLMK closed a deal to acquire the remaining 50% stake in ‘Steel Invest and Finance’ (SIF) from Duferco Group. SIF becomes a 100% owned subsidiary of NLMK. Following the acquisition, NLMK establishes its new international business divisions, NLMK Europe and NLMK USA, comprising all the assets of the European and American continent

01 May
The companies of NLMK in Europe change their name and launch of a new line at NLMK DanSteel

NLMK Group rebrands its European mills and service centers. The companies sold by Duferco to NLMK Group change their names to NLMK Clabecq, NLMK La Louvière, NLMK Verona, NLMK DanSteel A/S, NLMK Strasbourg and NLMK Manage Steel Center.

15 May
Sogepa acquired a share in Clabecq and La Louviere

SOGEPA (Societe Wallonne de Gestion et de Participations S.A.) became a shareholder of NLMK Clabecq and NLMK La Louviere.

14 May
Modified stockholding for NLMK Belgium Holdings

NLMK Group and Belgian SOGEPA (Societe Wallonne de Gestion et de Participations S.A.) agree on changes to NLMK Belgium Holdings’ (NBH) ownership structure and governance. The parties signed an agreement increasing SOGEPA’s interest in NBH from 20.5% to 49%.