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Selection process and motivation

Selection process and motivation
As part of its HR policy, NLMK Europe sees great importance in attracting and hiring strong personalities and excellent professionals. Motivating and developing the competences as well as promoting the right persons is perceived as a key company responsibility. Because our employees are NLMK’s primary asset, each year the Company implements ambitious plans for training and skills development, combined with a policy of regular and transparent internal communication.

Employee Development Programmes

We see the development of our employees’ professional skills and expertise as a strategic investment. The major areas for personnel development include:

  • Professional training programmes
  • Management Training
  • Leaders Development

Around 90% of employees receive either on-the-job or external training, which allows them to benefit from the wealth of knowledge accumulated by the Company and enables a more effective training process. Highly qualified managers and specialists as well as professors from leading educational institutions are invited to teach the employees. NLMK invests heavily in professional training for its staff.