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Vores medarbejdere

NLMK Strasbourg

Kadir Altun Kadir Altun
Control Station Machine Operator Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line

There is a very warm atmosphere among my collegues, regardless of the difference in age and nationality.

Jean-Luc Muller Jean-Luc Muller
Operational Manager Procurement

I wish to improve current practices on the various sites and enjoy developing this area of his work.

Serge Reichert Serge Reichert
Line supervisor

At NLMK Strasbourg I am able to pass all my knowledge and know-hows to the team I manage.

Christian Kieffer Christian Kieffer
Senior foreman of the lacquering section

I enjoy being on the shop floor above all. Many technical advances have been made on the lines since the commissioning of the coating line, thanks to the opportunity to work with quality employees who are passionate about their work.