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12 November 2009

Disposal site from the Danish Steel Works A/S is to be removed

The contract for the removal of the old disposal site from the steel mill has now been signed.

Halsnæs Municipality has in autumn 2009 with COWI as adviser offered the removal of the Danish Steel Works A/S’ disposal site in open tender, i.e. approx. 98,000 tonnes of hazardous waste and 34,000 tonnes of slag. RGS90 A / S has as the general contractor been bid on the total solution and won the bid round for both subtasks.

RGS90 A/S co-operates with Henriksen Shipping A/S, NOAH and DanSteel A/S on the task of removing the insolvent estate’s disposal from the area. DanSteel A/S has large suitable contractor machinery and Henriksen Shipping A/S operates the harbour on a day-to-day basis, so it was therefore natural for both parts to contribute to the solution of this big and environmentally important task.

Production waste can be re-used by NOAH, which owns a storage area Langøya in Oslo Fjord, where the Danish Steel Works’ waste can be sailed directly. The different types of waste from the old steel production will be after being treated by chemical processes, used to re-build the island, which has a huge hole from a closed limestone mine, which over the years will be re-filled with various industrial waste materials.

The four associating partners have considerable expertise in the areas of waste and transport, which therefore can be used. RGS90 A/S bears the main responsibility for ensuring that everything is implemented as planned, including site supervision and administration authority contacts, as well as administration of export permits for waste etc.

Subtask 1

DanSteel A/S carries out the excavation of site after the plastic membranes have been removed and the waste is disclosed. Large Liebherr cranes will load the filter dust, carves from furnaces and soil containing heavy metals by bucket into Kiruna trucks, which will transport the waste to a transit depot on the quay, consisting of a special build steel box.

From here ships twice a week will collect approx. 3,400 tons and sail them to Langøya till the cells with hazardous waste are emptied and removed within 6 months. A couple of old sludge reservoirs also have to be emptied for remaining sludge from cooling process.

Subtask 2

Furnace slag lies partly as banks dividing the waste and partly on the top of the waste as a protective layer. Although the furnace slag is a waste from electric furnace shop’s castings, it is harmless and can be used freely as landfill in construction works, under asphalt etc. or as material for building noise barriers. Use outside the land register for construction works requires though special permit from the municipality. The iron, which is mixed in the slag, has to be removed before slag re-use.

Start of digging works is expected to be on December 1. All waste will be removed before summer 2010.