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3 December 2009

DanSteel A/S has received 60-tonnes slabs

For the first time in the company’s history, DanSteel A/S has received 60-tonnes slabs in its harbour.

On November 18, the ship with 2,000 tonnes of the big 60-tonnes slabs has arrived to DanSteel A/S’s harbour.

In order for that being possible, the whole chain from producer to receiver had to prepare its facilities for transport of these giant metal plates.

First of all, a dispensation on the transportation of such heavy slabs from the Russian Ministry of Transport had to be achieved.

The transit harbour had also to prepare their facilities in order to unload and load the slabs.

As for receiving of the slabs, Henriksen Shipping A/S had to order a special type traverse for their crane, which made it possible to handle these big slabs.

DanSteel A/S has had to order a forklift to be used to transport the slabs from harbour to production facilities.

The main objective for booking such large slabs has been a more appropriate raw material consumption, which also corresponds to the company policy saying we have to minimize our total costs.

The experience, which we have had by handling of such big slabs is positive and means that we, if necessary, will be able to increase the quantity of such slabs in future.