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29 August 2018

Company Statement

It is with the deepest regret that NLMK Group reports the tragic death of Dr. Bruno de Cooman, NLMK Group Vice President for Research and Development, on 29 August 2018 in Moscow.

“Bruno De Cooman’s death is an enormous loss for the Group and the entire sector, for his friends and family. He has made an invaluable contribution to the development of global steelmaking through product innovation. At NLMK Group, Bruno was appointed head of the newly created Research and Development function. We are devastated by the news and pass our sincere condolences to Bruno’s loved ones,” said Grigory Fedorishin, NLMK Group President.

Dr. Bruno Charles De Cooman biography

Dr. Bruno Charles De Cooman obtained his doctorate at Cornell University, USA. He joined NLMK Group in June 2017. Prior to joining NLMK, Dr. De Cooman worked in materials R&D management at leading international industrial laboratories and academic institutions. Dr. De Cooman had extensive experience in scientific research and technology development related to the optimization of steelmaking processes, and product innovation for automotive, electrical, engineering and construction applications.