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1 Octobre 2009

New Test House

As a consequence of the modernization of the test laboratory, it has been necessary to find new premises for the laboratory.

Investments already made into new equipment with robot handling of the test pieces require more space. The new test house will be situated where the old Siemens-Martin furnaces were situated until 1975.

A new floor has been cast, taking into consideration the stringent requirements the machining and testing equipment have to foundations.

A new factory hall will be erected inside the exiting hall, to be able to control the atmosphere with regards to humidity, temperature and dust.

The machining of the test pieces will take part in one area of the new 800 m2 test house, while the actual testing will take place in a separate room.

The new test house will give us possibility to carry out tests which were not possible in the existing laboratory.

The new test house is expected to be finished in the beginning of 2010.