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10 November 2010

Thick Plate Centre

In response to the market demand for various types of plates and the fact that DanSteel A/S is continuously doing everything to win new market niches, DanSteel A/S has started building of a thick plate centre. This means that soon we can produce and handle larger, thicker and wider plates with a normalization capacity up to 75 t/h.

The first clearance tasks started in late 2008 and the design has been under its way since September 2007.

Status November 2009

The thick plate centre is now about to take shape. The foundation work is about to be completed, the furnace erection is getting well ahead and the roof in the furnace area is laid.

The building, which is 169 m long and 24 m wide, lies in the exact same line as the Slab Hall V10, but with an internal distance of approx. 24 m. Whether the crane lane between the buildings shall be carried out now has not been clarified yet, but the possibility is present.

The advantage of putting the building in the same line is that the old crane lane foundations from the slab yard can be re-used. The slab yard has previously been oriented towards east, but in 2000 it has been turned towards west out of noise reduction purposes.

Out of total 28 column foundations for the building, 17 new columns are casted and 11 old columns are re-used.

NCC has for building foundations and machine foundations beat 6.670 m piles, 450 pieces in all. There are framed 125 t bungs or 1.150 m2 around the furnace foundation. There are used 230 t of armament in foundations and approx. 3.000 m3 of concrete. There has been handled 22.000 m3 of soil and there are being made approx. 1.000 m sewer.

The furnace, which comes from Andritz Maerz in Germany, has a total steel construction of 490 t, to which comes the refractory material of further 372 t. The furnace will be equipped with 100 burners and can normalize 100.000 t/year.

Engineering consulting company Jørgen Skovmand A/S has been responsible for foundation and construction drawings and Nordisk Staal A/S is performing building construction, to which we supply approx. 280 t plates.

The building is constructed in such a way that cooling bed can be made subsequent between the hot plate leveller and the thick plate centre, together with a dispatch building to the north.

Rolling tables before and after the furnace are our own design, based on existing rolling tables, but extended so that plates up to 4 m width can be transported. The rolling table after the furnace is at the same time a cooling bed and is water cooled by a separate cooling circuit with 20 m3 of buried water tank and an associated cooling tower. Engskov Maskinfabrik A/S is responsible for the manufacturing of rolling tables and associated frameworks.

Cutting of parts for the rolling tables has been made internally, mainly in V1, but also in the service centre, when there has been free capacity. There for example have been cut 1438 discs for the rolling tables.

Electric maintenance department is building panels for the rolling tables according to internally produced drawings.

Soon will the foundation for the plate turnover device be done as well as the remaining floor area will be cast.

Concerning the furnace, the walking beam movement has been tested and the steel assembling of furnace sides is continuing. The assembly of the refractory material in pipes and recuperator has started in the cupola furnace building.

Isolation of the furnace and assembly of refractory material is under progress as well as assembly of burners and electricity are being conducted.

The plan is that the furnace is ready in December this year and the production is planned to start in early 2010.