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1 October 2009

Recognition of the Quality Assurance System at DanSteel A/S

DanSteel A/S has now been granted a Manufacturing Survey Agreement with two of the leading Classification Societies: Germanischer Lloyds and Bureau Veritas. This agreement is granted only to companies that through several years have shown to fulfill all requirements and are maintaining a constantly high quality level by using a quality assurance system, e.g. in accordance with ISO 9001.

The practical application of this is that testing now can be performed without a representative of the Classification Society to be present. Instead a number of thorough audits will be performed at the premises, ensuring that the high quality level is adhered to.

Head of Laboratory, Mr. Brian Rewentborg says: “It is a big improvement for the Test House. Now we are able to test around the clock, not being dependant on the representative being here or not. This will make it easier to meet our goals with regards to just-in-time delivery”.

DanSteel A/S has already MSA’s with American Bureau of Shipping and Registro Italiano Navale.