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26 September 2008

New thickness gauge

In recent years DanSteel A/S has made sizable investments in production equipment in order to further improve the works' efficiency.

The latest thing is a new and significantly improved thickness gauge that is now installed in the rolling line. The use of the new thickness gauge will secure high quality of heavy steel plate products for the wind turbine industry and shipyards.

The thickness gauge performs quality control of the rolled plates and sends feedback to the mill computer for adaption purposes. The measurement results are stored for later analysis in order to optimize our production.

The gauge is of a non-contact type. It sends ionizing beams through the plate to be measured and later the beams are captured by a number of highly sensitive sensors. The difference between the amount of the radiation that passed through the plate and the amount of the radiation that was absorbed in it is the basis for calculation of the thickness of the plate.

The system is equipped with three measuring stations and the plates are measured on the roller table when they are moving at a normal speed. The measurements are performed every 10 cm in three tracks (along the centre line of the plate and its two long sides) and provide us with the longitudinal and the transverse profiles of the plate. The accuracy is approximately 1/10 mm for 80 mm thick plates and far better for thin plates. The thickness gauge can be used for our entire product programme.

The integration of the new thickness gauge into the IT system of DanSteel A/S will make it possible to send an immediate alarm to the operators in case the plates are not within the specified tolerances. In this way the desired thickness of the products will be secured.