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1 September 2009

New noise barriers at DanSteel A/S

After 1½ years of work is the last of the 2 new noise barriers have been finished. DanSteel A / S has chosen to build noise barriers instead of putting up high fences as earth banks are nicer than board partition and fit better into the landscape.

Environmental approval contains tightened noise conditions which apply from January 2009. Requirements can be met by noise reduction of the noise source and by noise barriers.

The compliance with noise requirements have to be documented by noise measurements and noise calculations every second year.

Noise reduction

There have therefore been long worked on reducing noise from the fixed and mobile sources of noise at the plant, among other things, by costly replacement of the large and old Kiruna Trucks in 2009 on new and more quiet Mafi Trucks. The logistics around the heavy slabs from their unloading and till their cutting into baby slabs and placing them in the furnaces have been significantly improved. A whole new centre of slab cutting in V10 has been established in 2008 - 2009, which helps to reduce the noisy traffic and make workflow to the furnaces more effective.

Noise shield

Concurrently with the replacement and noise reduction of the machinery, there have also been built noise barriers of 6 m and 7 m high. Noise barrier 1 contents 8000 t earth and noise barrier 2 has in 2009 received 18000 t. Noise barriers will be sown with a grass-flower mix and planted so they will be nice to look at. At the same time, we have got an environmentally approved soil handling plan and a soil sorting place by the authorities.

DanSteel A / S has a win-win situation with the re-use of excavated soil and noise control at the same time.