Didier Bricmont

Head of Quality Service

If I had to explain my job to a child in simple terms, I would say that the plant for which I work produces high quality steel and prior to selling it we have to check whether it is good enough. This is the essence of quality control, and this is my job.

I joined NLMK Clabecq in 2003. I worked in a project bureau prior to steelmaking, but my current position is far more interesting and varied as I managed to combine my previous technical experience with management. There are 18 people in my team. I am very lucky; I have an outstanding staff with whom I have a wonderful relationship. We have shared interests; some of us play sports together after work.

When I first arrived at the plant, it was the heyday of steel production in Europe: production was at full capacity and we were hiring new employees. Since then we have been through a lot, but these difficulties have only strengthened our solidarity and today we are working toward common goals. I value human relationships, primarily within my team and with our partners across the globe.

Last year, my son took undergraduate training here at NLMK Clabecq. Today he is working for our Logistics service. He says he is really enjoying his work and that his team has an excellent atmosphere.