Vores medarbejdere

  • Erdal Aydin

    Head of Procrurement

    I have learned a lot from my colleagues, as I have risen from fitter-welder to a management position.

  • Kadir Altun

    Control Station Machine Operator Hot-Dip Galvanizing Line

    There is a very warm atmosphere among my collegues, regardless of the difference in age and nationality.

  • Jean-Luc Muller

    Operational Manager Procurement

    I wish to improve current practices on the various sites and enjoy developing this area of his work.

  • Serge Reichert

    Line supervisor

    At NLMK Strasbourg I am able to pass all my knowledge and know-hows to the team I manage.
  • Christian Kieffer

    Senior foreman of the lacquering section

    I enjoy being on the shop floor above all. Many technical advances have been made on the lines since the commissioning of the coating line, thanks to the opportunity to work with quality employees who are passionate about their work.

  • Girolamo di Piazza

    Head Machinist Overhead Levelling Crane

    Two of my sons work for NLMK La Louviere. One son works in the rolling shop, the other in the steel processing shop. I sincerely hope that the plant continues to operate for many years, even after I retire, and that it has a bright future ahead of it.

  • Alexandre Dimitrov

    Head of Finishing Zone - Cylinder warehouse - Coil winder

    The NLMK group contributes its industrial and financial strength to our site. We buy its slabs to produce our coils. NLMK La Louvière also complements NLMK Clabecq's commercial offer; the two sites complement each other. There are many possible synergies between the sites.

  • Franco Buccella

    Furnace operator at the hot strip mill

    I started in 1981 as a production operator at the wire mill. I then worked as a mechanic at the cold rolling mill. Since 2000, I have been working as a production operator at the hot strip mill, initially at the Quarto sheet mill and subsequently at the reheating furnaces.
  • Samuel Nokam

    NLMK Production System Manager for NLMK Europe Strip

    The NLMK group urges us to do the most with the available equipment. Everyone has to give their all. In addition, it does not hesitate to invest when required. We receive high quality support from our colleagues in Russia to support the implementation of the NPS.  

  • Andrea Baldin

    Heating treatments

    NLMK is a very stimulating and dynamic environment and I’m proud to be part of it.

  • Francesco Venturi

    Process engineering

    NLMK is giving us the opportunity to demonstrate what we‘re able to do and we will not miss this challenge.
  • Lars Meldgaard Nielsen

    Shot Blasting, Priming Foreman

    It's great to have people that share their experience with you and help you develop within your profesion

  • Irina Tretiakova

    Financial controller

    The challenge of my job is to control the costs that influence the result of the company. When we show the good result at the end of the period – that is the main positive aspect in my job!
  • Didier Bricmont

    Head of Quality Service

    I am very lucky, I have outstanding staff with whom I have a wonderful relationship.

  • Allal Abdelali

    Supervisor at the shearing section

    A good working atmosphere reigns within the team. I am deeply involved in the shearing line.
  • Dorian Deom

    Furnace Operator & Substitute Foreman – Quenching & Tempering

    I started out in 2011, in the position of paint shot blasting output operator at the Quenching & Tempering line. I then held the positions of plasma hand burner and versatile manual worker. I have been a furnace operator and substitute foreman since 2015.

  • Philippe Hernaut

    Quality, Product Development & QSHE Manager

    I began my career in Clabecq in early 1998 (when the company was restarted). I was initially employed in a position providing technical support to customers, and I became the head of the entire department in 2003.

  • Sylvie Votron

    Senior Controller

    NLMK Clabecq currently has to face many challenges in order to become a stakeholder of the future. We are fortunate to have the support of the NLMK group which has a robust financial structure. Everyone has to do their best to ensure that business runs smoothly.